velodrome_conceptThe Fort Collins Velodrome Association’s vision is to create a multifaceted VeloPark, a recreational facility in downtown Fort Collins, to promote cycling and fitness in Northern Colorado. The VeloPark will be open to people of all ages and abilities. Unparalleled in North America, it will be designed to attract competitive cyclists from the region, nation, and world for year-round, high-altitude training and events while also accommodating recreational cycling and other sports.

Promoting, developing, and facilitating cycling as a sport and way of life in Fort Collins

The Fort Collins Velodrome Association (FCVA) began in 2005 when a group of local cycling enthusiasts first got together to discuss their dream of bringing an indoor cycling track, or velodrome, to Fort Collins. Since then, our association has grown to become a sponsor of track-style races with the vision of creating a VeloPark for recreational and elite-level bicycle racing.

FCVA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote, develop, and facilitate bicycling as a sport and a way of life in Fort Collins.

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The VeloPark will be a unique recreational and competition venue. Features may include:

• Paved 1-km and 1-mile criterium courses with three lanes to accommodate all levels of cyclists, plus joggers, walkers, roller-bladers, and roller-skiers
• Mountain-bike short-track course, competition-level trials course and cyclocross course
• World-class 250-meter indoor velodrome
• Olympic-caliber BMX track
• Pedal-power activity park for children and soft-
surfaced “kids learn to ride” area

Other amenities may include tennis courts and/or volleyball courts on the velodrome infield along with complementary facilities: restrooms, water fountains, bike racks, picnic shelters, meeting rooms and food concession area. The VeloPark may also house a Fort Collins Bicycling Museum.