Here are the results form the past Sunday’s Oval Omnium races.  1 week left.  What are you waiting for?  Come on our and race the Oval!!

0-4 Boys**
Desmond Mohr, Nicholas Klaperich, Trey Sheffield
Overall–Desmond Mohr, Nicholas Klaperich, Jonah Olivier

0-4 Girls
Mina Thompson, Kate Fagan, Kerrianne Tafolli
Overall–Mina Thompson. Kerrianne Tafolli, Kate Fagan

5-6 Boys
Campbell Mayborn, Chris Barna, Landon Carroll
Overall–Chris Barna, Zane Webb/Isaac Fairchild/Campbell Mayborn (tied), Cohen Bundy

5-6 Girls
Izzy Miller, Cedar Yujuico, Sophia Fastababend
Overall–Taylor Slauson, Izzy Miller, Paige Tibbets/Cedar Yujuico (tied)

7-8 Boys**
Ben Maceachran, Gabriel Soffler, Zeke Miller
Overall–Ben Maceachran, Zeke Miller/Gabriel Soffler (tied), Palmer Fagan

7-9 Girls**
Olivia Cummins, Allison Pfuetze, Breanna Corbin
Overall–Olivia Cummins, Allison Pfuetze/Breanna Corbin (tied), Priscilla Rowland

10-12 Boys
Ben Maceachran, Gabriel Soffler, Kenan Schuler
Overall–Ben Maceachran/Kenan Schuler (tied), Gabriel Soffler

10-12 Girls**
Olivia Cummins, Trinity Scarpella, Madeline Boyles
Overall–Olivia Cummins, Grace Eddy, Madeline Boyles

13-17 Boys
None Entered
Overall–Sam Eddy, Duncan Schenkel/Jack Ellmer (tied)

13-17 Girls
Eliana Jurysta
Overall–Eliana Jurysta

Single Speed
Heat #1 Jake Solconi, Greg Dubbe’, James Hoovler
Heat #2 Andrew Touslee, Jake Solconi, Greg Dubbe’
Overall–Greg Dubbe, Andrew Touslee, Jake Solconi

Heat #1 Dan Porter, Paul Eaton
Heat #2 Dan Porter, Paul Eaton
Overall–Dan Porter, Cody Stephenson, Dan Emde

Men Beginner/Intermediate Geared
Andrew Touslee, Kelly Landers, Reno Taffoli
Overall–Andrew Touslee, Reno Taffoli/Rene Macias (tied), Enrique Lopez

Women Beginner/Intermediate Geared
Danielle Brockman, Nicole Swan, Deb Homan
Overall–Nicole Swan, Ellen Wright/Ilka Archahbaut (tied), Gail Hegeland/Gretchen Carow (tied)

Open Geared**
Dan Porter, Kevin Temple, Michael Dickinson
Overall–Dan Porter, Logan Von Bokel, Cody Stephenson

**Special Note: Desmond Mohr (0-4 Boys), Olivia Cummins (7-9 and 10-12 Girls), Dan Porter (Track and Open Geared) do not have to race this weekend to wrap up their respective Omnium titles. Ben Maceachran (7-8 Boys) wins his title if he simply participates in his race.