Here are the results from the final Oval Omnium Races including overall omnium winners.  Thanks to everyone who helped make this another great year!  See you all next year!

0-4 Boys
Desmond Mohr, Nicholas Klapperich, Chase McKay
Omnium–Desmond Mohr, Nicholas Klapperich, Jonah Olivier

0-4 Girls
Ruby Betts, Mina Thompson, Emmalise Catzke
Omnium–Mina Thompson, Kate Fagan, Kerrianne Taffoli

5-6 Boys
Ridge Gosney, Josiah Betts, Chris Barna
Omnium–Chris Barna, Ridge Gosney, Issac Fairchild

5-6 Girls
Paige Tibbets, Izzy Miller, Halle Swanson
Omnium–Izzy Miller, Paige Tibbets, Taylor Slauson

7-9 Boys
Gabriel Soffler, Palmer Fagan, Will Cummins,
Omnium–Gabriel Soffler, Zeke Miller, Palmer Fagan

7-9 Girls
Olivia Cummins, Avery Shuff, Madison Tedder
Omnium–Olivia Cummins, Allison Pfuetze, Breanna Corbin

10-12 Boys
Kenan Schuler, Gabriel Soffler, Reeve Gosney
Omnium–Kenan Schuler, Ben Maceachran, Bryce Pfuetze

10-12 Girls
Olivia Cummins, Becky Hutchinson (only riders entered)
Omnium–Olivia Cummins, Grace Eddy, Madeline Boyles

13-17 Boys
Jack Ellmer, Bryce Pfuetze, Palmer Fagan
Omnium–Jack Ellmer, Sam Eddy, Duncan Schenkel

Single Speed
Greg Dubbe’, Jake Salcone, James Hoovler,
Omnium–Greg Dubbe’, Ian Patterson, James Hoovler,

No entries
Omnium–Dan Porter, Cody Stephenson, Dane Emde

Beginner/Intermediate Geared Men
Andrew Touslee, Kelly Landers, Ryan Gosney
Omnium–Andrew Touslee, Kelly Landers, Reno Taffoli

Beginner/Intermediate Women
Nicole Swan, Jennifer Corbin (no other entries)
Omnium–Nicole Swan, Ellen Wright/Ilka Archauhbaut/Danielle Brockman (tied), Gail Hogeland

Omnium Winners will be presented medals their medals and payouts (adults only) during ceremonies on August 24.

Special note: over 400 kids participated in the Oval Series–truly amazing!!!!